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MIT MFin MIT MFin 2013 Waiting List

Just accepted a place on the waiting list. Does anybody have any insights into chances or process based or Round I admissions or past experience?

It looks like there are several of us in this position from the tracker. Guess we'll have to see at the online chat on Monday


Hopefully Andy can provide some insight

Or we can all wait till the online chat.

From what I've seen on the forum our chances don't look that great though..

Andy Nguyen

At least you don't get rejected outright ;)
It depends on their yield rate (how many people will accept the offer). Just keep track of the Tracker and see how many people with admit will select Yes in the Will Join column.
In years past, they even have to offer scholarship for people to defer enrollment until next year because the program is oversubscribed. It's not clear they will have same problem this year.


believe last year was oversubscribed.. so probably 0%.

Hopefully (and note: being very optimistic here) they admitted fewer so as not to oversubscribe, and in turn us waitlisters will have a better shot.

Just wishful thinking over here :cry:


from what i've heard, there were a couple 5-6 that are in the program now that were waitlisted. from what i've seen on forums, it seems the number of WL> REJ+ADMIT or close to it...


Was everyones WL letter signed by Rod Garcia? Just wondering if I was to send an email. Should I address it to him? my interviewer? or who?
And now, for the most ridiculous question from the online waitlist chat for your entertainment:

I wonder if it is possible that an admitted student who personally want to give up a place recommend some waitlisted applicant. Will you re-consider the recommended applicant's profile and chance of admission under this circumstance? Thanks!!

Nothing like good ol' bribery.
Yea, seriously. Based on the caliber of these questions, I'd say the odds look decent. Then again, I know better than to think that.


New Member
Can't agree more, it is totally unequal situation, MIT don't want to provide any specific data for the Waiting Listers...


Yeah that's what I thought... well the wait is surely a long one... especially when we have no concrete info to go by.