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Hi everyone,

I just received an admission letter from UChi. I heard that the UChi program has a BAD reputation in its quality (mostly heard from its students) before the new director came, is there any improvement on the quality and settings of its curriculum, and on the career service? And what are they? And just saw the 2015 summer internship stats, and it seems pretty bad (although I do not know whether I am right). Here is the webpage.

Also, I got admitted into MIT MFin 12-month pilot. I am an international student, and I intend to work in the US for several years(more than 5) before deciding whether to go back to my country or to seek a long-term career in the US. And I currently intend to work as a buyside PM in the future (but I AM NOT SURE).
I know that the MIT MFin is a NON-STEM program and the 12-month program does not include a summer internship, which would be a huge loss. But it is under MIT Sloan which means that the students can benefit from the Sloan alumni network (in the long term, not in the short term), and it has a better course quality from what I learnt. I would appreciate it a lot if anyone could give me some of your idea and advice!

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MIT is not Princeton. STEM program now has 36 months opt.
Yeah. That is one of the main reason I am still in a dilemma. But does the quality of teaching and the career service of MIT MFin compensate for that, especially when compared to Chicago MSMF?


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Well, if you are an international student, the best chance you have is to do a summer internship and then get a return offer. I would say MIT 18-month > Chicago MSFM > MIT 12-month.


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STEM not really changing the minds of too many employers...if they are comfortable sponsoring folk, they will do so - but if they are not, longer STEM eligibility is not enough to make them hire non-US, because the STEM program has its own set of somewhat messy procedures - including the eVerify database which many firms are just finding too invasive and / or too much hassle... sorry to be a downer but i don't want folk to make a big school decision based on STEM status...