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MIT MFin MIT MFin Class of 2016 Applications


My info is just from the prior year applicants. All communication was on the decision deadline date. Those offered scholarships were called first thing in the morning and the rest were staggered throughout the day.

Ramneik Bathla

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When I had the lunch with the current MFin students after the interview, they said they found out a couple of days before the deadline via phone call. So whatever happens happens, best of luck everyone!!


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Hey, I just joined quantnet so I have a late question about your interviews. Were all of you asked Why MIT? I was talking to a friend that got in last year and were told that most of the ones accepted last year were asked that, but I wasn't :/ so just wanted to check with you guys.


Yes, I was asked about "Why MIT". My weakest answer I guess. And yes, I received an invite to a chat. And no (damn), no call yet. :(