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MIT MFin MIT MFin Class of 2016 Applications


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Thanks for the info! Do you know what cities will they visit in Asia?
I do not know about that, but I believe they have visited Shanghai for the past couple of years. You can ask them through the online session on the 11th of Feb.


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Just wondering who did you contact? I want to ask them where will they interview in Canada.
They reply pretty quickly through the given adcom email IDs. Or you can contact specific people, just look up the MIT Sloan directory.


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"The Admissions Team will begin sending MFin interview invitations on Friday, January 23rd. If you are not invited for an interview, you will receive a final decision from us by February 16th. We appreciate your patience as you wait for your decisions!
In addition to interviewing on campus in Cambridge, we will conduct interviews in Beijing, London, Mumbai, Shanghai, and Singapore. "


So anxious for the invite... For you who received the invites, could you tell me your location? Cmiiw last year they sent it out based on location.


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it said they would start sending the invites today, anyone got one yet?
Just wondering, who said they would start sending invites today? I recently contacted their admission office and it told me that the invitation will go out in Feb.