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MIT MFin MIT MFin Class of 2018 Applications (2017 Admission)

All the very best to everyone awaiting interview call from MIT.

INFO from mitadmissions.com website:
  • Interviews are by invitation only and are a requirement for admission.
  • Interview invitations will begin going out on Monday, January 23rd and will continue to be sent on a rolling basis. We make every effort to send interview invitations at least 1 week prior to your interview date. The timing of your interview invitation is not a reflection of the strength of your candidacy. It’s about ensuring the quality and consistency of reviews and to ensure things go smoothly with interview sign-ups.
  • Interviews will be held from January 30 – February 22.
  • Interviews will be conducted in person in several key locations around the globe including Cambridge MA, London, Mumbai, Santiago, Singapore, Beijing, and Shanghai.
  • Candidates who are invited to interview will sign up for a 45-minute to 1-hour time block and will meet with 1-2 interviewers.
  • The interview will consist of both a behavioral assessment and a career assessment.

First interview dates should have been out by now. Can anyone post an update?

EDIT: someone (Anon) updated their status on the tracker. Interview on 31st Jan.
Thanks for opening this :) I believe they will send out invites based on preferred location - i.e., first to those who chose Cambridge MA, then China, India and later on Europe.
By the way, where are you guys based?
Looks like 3 people received interview requests in London. (See Tracker)
will more invites be sent out for London? Would be nice to know the slots left still.
I reached out to them, and the admission assistant told me that my application is still "under review" and the invitation would still be sent out till February 22nd. I guess there are still hopes, but I didn't ask how many slots left for the Cambridge site. Could anyone who got the interview invitation help update this number?