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MIT MFin MIT MFin Class of 2018 Applications (2017 Admission)

Did you call them and get ad from them? So does it mean rejection email has sent but people admitted only receive a call at the moment?
I missed the call so I called back. I dun know about the rejected. They didnt mention that during the phone call. I think even if you havent received a call you can wait till the end of today to see if you have an admission letter email. That will tell


My fellow USA students, did anyone get anything yet? I have not gotten any email or phone call yet, heart pounding.


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I tend to believe people have a good reason for doing things, I'd guess they're trying to see if anyone for sure wants to drop so they can extend a few offers to waitlist.
They already have a waitlist in either case so thats not the reason
MIT is known for calling their accepted applicants (Probably to make it more "personalized"). Assuming a) they want to continue that tradition and b) delivering good news is more rewarding than congratulating good news, then they would need time to call all their admits before releasing the email. My guess is that this process is the source of the delay.