MIT MFin Fall 2019 interview invites ?


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anyone has idea how much role does the quant assessment play for them to make the final decision


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Don't know how much this will help (I would probably be inconsolable right now), but I'm moved to say something because I know how this feels and I don't know if you have people close to you that will tell you this. I am also emboldened by my (assumed) anonymity.

Try to look past this. There's definitely an element of randomness in these decisions. In the sense that if you erased the minds of the adcoms and asked them to select again, the outcome would be different. This decision they've taken says nothing about your quality, as an individual and in relation to others, and it has no bearing on what you can (and will) achieve in the future.

You probably already know this, but sometimes it's nice and reassuring to hear it from someone else.


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I did not even get a reject mail.Did everyone from India who were not invited got a reject mail?


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It would be a precious help, indeed! I am really anxious because of that assessment.

What does it consist in? Which maths are tested? (linear and euclidean algebra, probability, stochastic models?)