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MIT MFin MIT MFin Interview Invite 2021

What other schools have you gotten into so far? (if you don't mind sharing)

I'm in the same boat in regards to not reapplying. Waiting another year just to potentially get rejected again is pointless, especially considering you could be done (or close to) with a graduate degree from another university.
I got into Boston College's MSF program and the Cass MSc Corporate Finance program. My ultimate dream job is to work as a research associate at a traditional asset manager like PIMCO and Wellington. If I get rejected by the other three programs, I'll probably go to BC because Boston has a ton of AM firms.
If anyone from the WL is accepted, let us know!
I saw that last year some people got accepted from it roughly a week after the official letter.
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I havn't noted that on my end, but we're past the deposit period limit for OG offer holders, so I guess the MIT admin can start taking at least some WL ppl.
Was I the only one they told that WL answers would be on the 15th of April?
I think it was the deposit day. They also said that they do not rank WListed applicants until seats are available and it can be at anytime. From last year, it seems that seats were available mid-March, two years ago some at the end of April.

I read from one MFin student that they tend to overadmit each year and that some people report their admissions from one year too. This number is an estimation from previous years and this year is highly biased with Covid (No GRE, impossible to enter and travel in certain countries, no physical interviews,....).
Just looking at the number of discussion pages, 24 pages is by far the record for MFin on Quantnet. I think that's a pretty good estimation that the program is even more selective this year than other years and so other programs are too (with less people refusing the MIT offer at the end).

Therefore, my guess is that WL will not be opened or only a few persons at max. If the objective of the waitlist is to compensate for empty seats, it is in the interest of the MIT to give a positive response for the WL as soon as possible and so far nobody on the WL has received anything.

MFin first courses are starting beginning of July, so for practical reasons (visas, fees, housing, etc....) I think they cannot give the response in June or even at the end of May. So in one month I would consider that this is definitely over for waitlisted applicants.

Personally, I was sad when the WL decision came out, but have now accepted the idea of not getting to MIT and working hard on my B and C-plans. I am fully confident in all the people who got wailisted to succeed whatever happens, because it means you have already done amazing things. And success does not depend from others but from your own decisions and ambition!