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MIT MFin MIT MFin Interview Invite (2022)

It's fine I guess u are just rejected. They cannot view this many applications and give out that many interviews. Just accept the fact and move on with other applications.
Yes i know all of that. Everyone here is probably mature enough to realise that. I dont see how your msg helps. At least let me do casual talk with people here to process this?
Just got the rejection. I'm a transfer student at an ivy league school with 4.0gpa. I honestly believe my resume, essay are well written. It suck that we cannot know why we got rejected.
I am from China and I received the interview email yesterday. From the information of a Chinese forum, all the invitations might have been sent. And I know many have received a formal rejection. Good luck to everyone!
Anyone took the quant assessment? How was it? Any insight would be appreciated:)
I think it’s likely that most calls come through on the 9th or 10th given how it was in the past few years. Fingers crossed for everyone!!