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MIT MFin MIT MFin Interview


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Hi guys, I am going to have an interview with MIT next week. I am not sure whether the emphasis will be on technical, behaviorial or leadership/interpersonal aspects. I would appreciate any shared experiences or advice! I would report back once I am done with the interview.


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Congrats, may I ask when you got the interview invite?

From MIT website: "Candidates will be invited to interviews by email, up until the decision deadlines."
It was even bolded on the website, so from now until February 23rd, I will be holed up and refreshing my inbox like this: :sick:o_O:eek:


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They said in the online chat that interviews will be sent out towards the end of January. Looking at previous years, interview invites are not all sent on the same day either.


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My bad. Actually there was 90 time slots. From 23rd to 27th.

Assuming they are admitting 100 this year. Our Jan4-deadline batch should have 40 quota. So my round should admit 20, with 25% admit/interview rate. Conclusion: there should be another such round soon.

Good luck guys!


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Okay, I think my interview experience can help you guys. I got an R1 admit.

My interview was conducted by Ms. Julie Strong. She's the director of admissions at MIT Sloan. The interview was more of a conversation, and we discussed a varied set of topics, ranging from the proposed expansion of the MFin program to the recent darling of MIT Sloan - the E62 building. I think the following questions will help you prepare more for your interview:

1. Explain your career path/Tell me about yourself/Walk me through your CV.
2. What are your goals? How does MIT Sloan fit into them?
3. Tell me about one of your recent achievements.
4. Tell me about the time you did something for your community. (My application had a couple of instances).
5. Tell me about the leadership positions you have worked in.
6. Which geographies do you see yourself working in?
7. Any questions for me?

As I mentioned, it's a very relaxed and non-technical take on your application. Just prepare your soft questions well and be cool. You'll make it. All the best!


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Just crossed my mind : Is it ethical for a candidate to release his interview questions as some interviews require the candidate not to divulge any details of the interview.


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ohh...k :) .. I thought they will have to come up with new questions for every candidate if the questions are being circulated... But I agree that questions are standard and hence it should not matter.


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I can't figure out how many, if any, more round 2 invites are coming. Why would they have sent some last Fri/Sat and not others by Tuesday today? I'm leaning more towards a rejection now.