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MIT MFin MIT Mfin Round 2 Interview 2020


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That’s a fair assessment. I edited to remove some details I guess were one step further than most other posters. The new coding thing is a separate 5 minute test, and I feel that giving folks a heads up is fair, since no one is gonna learn to code in a week for a random 5 minute test at the end of the whole application process anyways
Could I know what language, to your knowledge, can be used in the 5 min test? I assume C++ and Python are all should be fine right?


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Oh in the interview they said all decisions will be sent on March 12th this year
it doesn't mean they won't call admitted students before they post information online. I have seen multiple posts about the phone call from chasedream and my advisor said applicants from prior years even receive rej in the end of Feb.


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Heyy has anyone received phone calls or emails from admission yet? I heard last year acceptance calls were out around March 5th.

Michal Ma

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@Anand Ghosh I think you got an offer because you changed your answer ;) Congrats man!!! Did they say anything about admissions for other people? I wonder whether all calls were made already.


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The decision date is the 12th of March. Thats what was told to me during the interview.