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MIT MFin MIT Mfin Round 2 Interview 2020

Congrats to everyone admitted - if you haven't already received it, you'll get an invite to join a slack channel where myself and plenty other current students will be on hand to answer any questions you guys might have. Well done!

To those who didn't quite make it - don't stress. Plenty of other good programs out there and I'm sure you'll find one that's right for you.
Unfortunately but fortunately, I'm also on the waitlist... Anyone knows the size of the waitlist or the possibility for people on waitlist get admitted?
Thank you! wish you good luck
Just receive the call...... But I'm in 12-months program. I kind of regret this choice but I know if I applied the 18-month program, I would probably not receive its offer. Anyone knows is it possible to transfer from 12-month to 18-month?