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MIT MFin MIT MFin student blogs

Andy Nguyen

It's very nice to see MIT MFin encourages their current students to blog. While it's a powerful marketing tool, it also serves to improve transparency, communication among interested parties.
I know many of the students who blog for the 2012 class as well as the 2011 cohort. Some of them are Quantnet members.

2012 class http://mitsloanblog.typepad.com/mfin2012/
2011 class http://mitsloanblog.typepad.com/mfin2011/

Do you think B-School-based programs market their programs better than the math/engineering dept-based programs?

Anthony DeAngelis

Well-Known Member
I think MIT does it better than the rest, regardless of department. They are really firing on all cylinders over there. I am waiting for NYU to start up an MSF or another elite school. I think it is just a matter of time.

The transparency is also nice. People ask me about programs and I usually tell them the more open and honest the better.