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COMPARE MIT Mfin vs Columbia MFE

Hi all,

Hope all are doing well. As the title suggests I want to compare MIT MFin with Columbia MFE. Some background about me - I have an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and have been working at a leading IB for the past 2 years as an equities strategist. I am not keen on studying in a quant heavy program given my prior background. My long term goal is to become a portfolio manager based on macro strategies (hence my inclination towards MIT), if that doesn't work out then I will be looking for a rates trading job at any of the leading sell side firms.

Cost of the program ( tuition + living expenses ) is not a major constraint for me, also because I am being offered a dean's fellowship at MIT which has brought the cost of both the programs roughly same.

Any info / views / stats that can help me make a decision will be great.

Thanks in advance :)