MIT MFin MIT MFin waitlist exists or not


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Dear All,

One week before the official decisions (and phone calls) from MIT's AdCom. I was wandering if anyone knows if a wait-list exists for this program instead of just a YES or NO.

1) Anyone here has any experience/knowledge if such a list exists?
2) I assume if MIT does not call on March 10th you are OUT?



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Maybe I'm not following your question, but you asked if MIT has a waitlist, and you don't want a yes or no answer to a yes or no question?

The answer is yes, by the way.


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I meant if MIT has a waitlist and how does it work since the beginning of the program is so early (July 14)
I had a few friends that got WL last year and they heard back end of Apr ish.

Also, how do you know they are going to make a phone call if your admitted?
I heard for the MBA programs they phone some people while others get their decisions online.