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MIT MFin with 30% scholarship vs Princeton MFin

Which MFin to choose?

  • MIT w/ 30% scholarship

    Votes: 9 21.4%
  • Princeton

    Votes: 33 78.6%

  • Total voters
Hi all,

I am currently agonising over this decision between MIT (with 30% scholarship) and Princeton for the MFin. For context I am from London and (at this point) would be more interested in quant research roles after graduation, though am open to changing my mind. I am set on returning to the UK and have no intention of working in the US (I have a Fulbright grant and so will not be legally permitted to work in the US).

Would be very keen to get your perspective, especially as I have almost zero finance experience so am worried about doing well at Princeton (I think I was admitted based on my maths background).