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MIT MFin MIT Profile Evaluation and $108,000 Loan

Adam Zia

Dear Quants

My profile is as follows:
BBA (Honors) from a leading Business School in Pakistan (GPA 3.68/4.00)
Wrote an undergrad thesis on Risk and Return which received an A Grade
Enrolled in CFA Program, Passed Level 1
GRE 450V 800Q 3AWA
TOEFL 112/120
Currently enrolled in MBA Finance Program at the same school

What do you think of my chance of admission at MIT Master of Finance program?

And, if I get the admission, than how hard will it be to get unsecured loan from MIT?
I am quite skeptical about the payback duration of this loan considering the difficult economic situation. The current employment statistics of class of 2011 are not out yet.

Adam Zia

Master of Finance from MIT will enable me to have a career in International Markets.
I am doing the MBA right now to cement my chances of getting a job in Pakistan in case I might need some more time to get into a good school or some experience to improve my profile.

I want to know on average roughly speaking and considering the current placements of MIT, how many years will it take to repay the loan if i work in US after graduation? I do not have an idea about the living costs i shall incur during employment in NYC !


four to five years, most likely, if you are able to land an associate level role at a bank.

edit: on base salary. bonuses would be gravy.