Money 4.0 - New term of financial world

Dear fellow, I would like to share an opinion about Money and in particular Money 4.0


“Money 4.0 is an encrypted unit of intermediary assets used to exchange services and products. Simply it is similar to banknotes. Money 4.0 appears as a medium of exchange and multipurpose transactions according to the need to simplify commerce and the growing trend of human e-commerce. Developed based on Blockchain technology, which provided distributed data and is named after the issuer. All transactions take place entirely on the Internet technology environment. Value for money 4.0 is accepted and priced according to the real needs and recognition of the community that accepts it.”.

Currency has evolved through many periods in the past and becomes more convenient for us to manage, operate and use. From the time when people formed the medium of exchange - commodities have so far gone through 7 currencies:

  1. Goods exchanged (Chickens exchange cows, buffaloes exchange sheep, ...)
  2. Goods in exchange (shells / shells exchange goods among consumers, ...)
  3. Gold coins (gold coins, gold bars, etc.)
  4. Metal money (coins)
  5. Banknotes (including polymers)
  6. Electronic money and electronic sale (electronic wallet, electronic payment, cards, ...)
  7. Digital cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Libra, Paya, Nee, USDex, etc ...) have their own international names Cryptocurrency
Based on the nature of use and classification according to the development process, money can be categorized into 4 main types that exist and develop.
There are 4 specific currencies as follows:

Money 1.0 is an intermediary to exchange goods and services: For example, Voucher, Tickets, cards, stocks, bonds, checks, ... or intermediary guarantee papers have. The exchange of goods and services is limited.

Money 2.0 is the physical money that we use every day (banknotes, polymers, precious metals, ..), which is called the national currency, guarantee, direct issue from each country such as: USD, SGD, HKD, Yen, Euro, ...

Money 3.0 is an electronic number recognized by banks and we exchange numbers via banks, mobile apps, internet banking, VISA, MasterCard, ATM, etc.

Money 4.0 is a digital currency (Cryptocurrency): such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Paya, 9token, NEE, USDex ... are stored on the blockchain and used entirely on the internet. Money 4.0 has all the characteristics of the 3 types of money but there are characteristics that 3 traditional currencies do not have: rarity, transparency, safety ... and crossing all borders and limits ...

The trend of cashless world today is that we are using Money 3.0 and in the next 10-20 years Money will exist independently along with Money 3.0, which is a 4.0 in particular.

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