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Msc in Mathematics (coursework) + CFA

Good day, everyone! I'll like to get your advice on this.

Instead of pursuing an Msc in Quantitative Finance (MQF), I'd want to do an Msc in Mathematics (coursework) and acquire a CFA certification.

Having an Msc in Math allows me to pursue some pure mathematics courses on the side aside from stochastic calculus and statistics. In contrast to the MQF degree, which is costly, it is also subsidised.

1. Could I still work as an entry-level quant analyst (and get a job in it)?
2. What level of CFA certification do I need to overcome the finance knowledge gap?
3. What are the best resources for bridging the gap between quant finance and mathematics?
4. Would it be better if I did a Msc in Mathematics research over coursework? What are the real advantages here?