Msc Mathematical Finance University of Birmingahm

Javier Ruiz

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Hi guys,

Hope everyone is doing well under the circumstances with covid-19. I open this thread to get to know your opinion about the Msc Mathematical Finance at the University of Birmingahm (MSc Mathematical Finance). I am strongly considering applying for this Msc, as in my opinion, it perfectly combines a theoretical background with computing.

I look forward to seeing what your opinion is.

Thanks :)

Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer
I have been external MSc supervisor at the University of Birmingahm since 2014 (~50 theses to date). My own focus is students with good grounding in finance, maths and C++. I am hands-on coach. It takes 3 months to get my students in top form :)

In particular, the combination Maths/C++ is solid.

for 2019 see theses

for 2020 there is another excellent (and original) thesis on rough Heston, ML, C++ and Python. It will be soon public-domain access.

My opinion is very positive from my viewpoint.

@Colin Rowat