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Which of these would be a better choice?

  • NYU Tandon MFE

  • UCLA Anderson MFE (almost an MSF)

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I'll admit this is a semi-clickbait as I have received admissions from 2 MFE programs: NYU Tandon and UCLA Anderson. However, if most of the recent reviews are to be believed, UCLA's program is being compared to most MSF degrees with "some more Math" as one reviewer mentioned. I would be grateful if someone could help me in choosing between these two programs by assuming that UCLA is an MSF program and any quant skills I'll gain there would be a bonus. What kinds of jobs do these two degrees open up? How do the payscales compare? Thanks!


Given admits in these two, I'd go with NYU Tandon without any doubt. This is mainly due to the year on year growth showcased by the NYU Tandon and also NYU's strong determination to transform into the level of Baruch for Quants. Also, the location is a huge advantage and the placement statistics for the last few years clearly indicate this. Visit the quantnet rankings for the details (link here). I'm not really sure about "some more math" at UCLA.

This is just my opinion, you may create a poll and see what others think.