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MSF without experience

Hi everybody!
I was just wondering what the msf that do not requiere experience are....
I'm an international student looking for a job in finance in the USA. I'm not interested in developing models or very strong quant programs(MFE) etc... I'm more the kind of social and friendly people...
Some might recommend me to do an MBA.. But I have no experience and I would like to go to study to the US as soon as possible.
I have a 710 gmat (Q50)..
Any suggestions?
Not sure if I understand your question, but MSF typically don't require experience (Though prior work experience may help your admission).
Also, MBA programs prefer their students to have work experience, but if other components of your application are strong enough, many of them would take you even if you lack experience. Spoiler alert: plenty of US MBA programs are struggling to get enough applicants, especially now that more and more international students are staying away because of the political atmosphere and coronavirus in US.