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MSFE aspirant for fall 2008


New Member
Hello everyone

I am Karan Ganjoo, 4th year Civil engineering student at IIT Bombay
I wish to pursue MSFE in Fall 2008. I am really glad to be a part of this community.
I would really appreciate if someone could guide me for the same.


Well-Known Member
i'm not quite clear as to what you mean by 'guide me for the same', but if you mean admission process, here's the link from the official Baruch MFE program page:
Baruch College's Financial Engineering MS Program
click through other pages there to learn more about admission stats, curriculum, application deadlines.

also, run a quick search for previous forums on QuantNet and you'll find quite a few of discussions around inquiries similar to yours.

hope this helps and good luck!


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IIT is very well-known in China:) i have a friend whos been to IIT studying CS after graduation from my college.

Good luck