Columbia MSOR MSOR through CVN


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Hi all,

Does anyone know how difficult it is to get into Columbia MS Operations Research - Methods in Finance online part time program from CVN? Is it equally selective as the full time on campus program? I'm not sure if I should apply with my current profile or retake the GRE. I heard if I get rejected on my first application, then reapplying will be much more difficult to get an offer. Not sure if this is just a rumour though. I'm determined to pursue this program so I only need advise on application.

Undergrad: University of Waterloo (Canada) Bachelor of Math - overall GPA 75.5 and math GPA 77.5, studied actuarial science, statistics, CS and finance courses. GPA should be B+ converted to Canadian scale, but not sure what it would become converting to US scale.

GRE: Q: 164, V:143 (got 151 in another attempt but with lower quant score), AWA: 4.5

Experience: 3 years in M&A and 2 years in buy side corporate finance. 3 years exp in Big 4 accounting

Qualifications: CPA (Canada) and FRM

Thanks all for your comments.