Musings of a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager


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I am a long time poster (have been inactive for a while) but had to create a new account to stay anonymous due to compliance reasons.

Some background: MFE from top 3 MFe program , Risk manager/quant in swaptions for 3 years...Sell side prop trader/market maker on fixed income desk at bank for 5 years. Managing large west coast fixed income portfolio currently.

I have started a blog. It will eventually be a subscription service (maybe i can talk to Andy to get you guys a discount or something) but the first two articles are free right now.

Feel free to follow @wizardofsoho on Instagram for more updates and check out this private club I recently started as well.

Let me know your thoughts. Happy to discuss in this thread.

Next article will be up today on US China Trade War - A game theory approach
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The third article is up:

Wine guide for your first Wall Street Dinner with your Managing Director

But it's for subscribers only. Feel free to check it out.


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Thanks guys . I am working on an article next week.

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