My chances for an admission at Baruch MFE

Hi All,

I am from India, I've got a GRE score from 2013 (164Q and 152V) 2 years of work experience in Portware a Buy side EMS(HFT platform) used by Buy side firms like (DB, JPM, GS, GIC etc) I worked in the FIX ATDL(FIX Algorithmic Trading Definition Language) project and also worked closely with a Hedge fund (Nezu Asia capital) I am familiar with various workflows on Trading floor. I come from an engineering background(I have all the Math subjects in my course) since I am a programmer by profession I can get along with any type of programming language (OOP's in particular).

I started planning for a MFE two weeks ago and was doing my research, I learnt that Baruch MFE application deadlines are open till April 1 so what are my chances if I want to apply given my profile above, what are the areas I can improve to increase my chances? Should I re take my GRE or any other courses? If so I will miss the deadline and have to wait for another year to apply. Please advice whether to apply now or not (I don't to waste $125 cause its a decent amount in Indian currency) If there is a chance for me to get in I will save a year time.


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Definitely retake GRE imo. Get your quant score to at least 167+. The rest of your profile sounds good
First off there is a obvious black hole in your profile If your core sequence is mainly math and your quant is only 164 that raises some flags. The average score I repeat "average score" (princeton MFE still way up there but not as competitive as Barcuh MFE) is a 169 Q and 160 verbal. This is the 50th percentile we are talking here. To make sure you do not waste time, I highely suggest bumping your GRE to 330.. Heck my sister barely had a work record(she didnt even start her part time job as a researcher) but she had pretty decent academic record but she got into columbia's program.
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Thanks for pointing out the black hole, I got sucked into Columbia's program in 2017 because of that, graduated 6 months back and working at a hedge fund with pay 50% higher than the average I repeat "average pay" of Baruch's students.