NCSU (Financial Mathematics) vs Rutgers Newark (Quantitative Finance) vs Rutgers New Brunswick (Mathematical Finance)

Hello, kindly help me decide amongst these three programs.

  • NCSU-Financial Mathematics

  • Rutgers New Brunswick-Mathematical Finance

  • Rutgers Newark-Quantitative Finance Newark

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Hello everyone! I am required to make a decision by the next week.
I had posted a thread earlier as well but couldn't fetch any response.
I know all of these programs lag far behind the Tier-1 once in terms of the quality of education or the job prospects.
Still interested to know which among these would be better.
Any help would be much appreciated.


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Both the programs at Rutgers would cost approximately the same, while the one at NCSU would be 20K cheaper.
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I mean I wouldn’t pay full tuition for any of these programs but I believe Rutgers New Brunswick has cross registration with Princeton mfin program. So you could take classes there, maybe? I would look into that as that would be the only reason I would wanna join one of these schools.