Need advice on applying to quant programs


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Hi all,

I'm applying to a few quant programs for fall 2020, and would really need some insights on the process.
  1. How proficient do your programming skills have to be to apply and nail the interviews for top programs like MIT MFin, Columbia MSFE? I’m very new to programming and am taking cs50 from Harvard, but I don’t think that suffices. I met a rep from a top school and she said that familiarity is enough, but the programs prerequisites say I have to be able to deal with data using Python, proficiency in C, etc. I will have to adjust my self-study schedule accordingly.
  2. Also are interviewers going to grill you on a lot of math? I see a sample test for self-assessment purposes from a top school and I dont think most of us can solve the problems in our head. (sorry if I'm wrong)
  3. What would you say are the 3 most important items in your applications?

I appreciate everyone’s opinions.