Need career advice

Which position to take?

  • small prop shop

    Votes: 8 88.9%
  • tier 1 bank

    Votes: 1 11.1%

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I need to make a decision whether to join a small prop shop (quant trader position) in Chicago
or a tier1 bank in nyc (quant analyst).
I want to end up in quant trading for some of the best shops.

The reason I am asking is because I've talked to a lot of people and some have told me
that it's better to take a banking job first to build a network and then switch.

While others have told me it's better to get a position that matches the one I want to work.
And that my performance will be the only thing that matters.

Not considering salary, and the possibility of a small shop going down
what would be a better way to break into the likes of (Optiver, Akuna,...)?
Nobody is responding because both could easily be the correct answer. Too many variables.

What you will be working on.
What type of quant analyst.
You should consider salary.
...the list goes on.

You need to speak with some sell side quants and then some people working in similar roles on the buy side and make this call yourself.