Need help in GRE Preparation

In order to get admitted into those top MFE programs, I know GRE is one of the important requirements. I'm going to take the test next fall.
Although it's still kind of early now, as an international student, my English is limited, So I really need to put some efforts in the verbal and writing sections. I'm not really worried about the quantitative part as I'm really good at math.

Any reccommendation readings for verbal or writing sections of GRE?
I have found MILLION of them from Amazon. I just don't know which one will help me the most.



Cornell FE
Get Barron's GRE.
I also got Nova's GRE MATH prep Course.

for the writing section, I found a PDF named "ARCO GRE ANSWERS TO REAL ESSAY QUESTIONS". The book has answers only, but if you go to ETS website, you can find the topics on the website. Also, there are some useful links on the same web, you should use it.

You probably saw the book "Kaplan GRE Exam Advanced Math: Your Only Guide to an 800 (Perfect Score Series) ". I wouldn't recommend this one since most if not all of the questions in this book are much much harder than the ones you are going to find on the actualy exam.

btw, as far as I understand, the only part that is really somehow important is the quant part.