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Hi everyone,
I am a neuroscience major at UCLA, and recently realized med school is not for me. I became intrested about quantitative finance. As of now, my goal is to apply to MFE programs and switch my career to fintech or data science. I’d like to know what are my odds of getting in to top 10 MFE programs in the US?
My gpa is 3.9 and have done courses in multivariable calculus, physics, basic C++, and R. I have also some research experience in neuroscience with some clinical research data analysis. I’m planning to take courses in probability, statistics, regression, machine learning, and python in my remaining time at UCLA (I’m doing a minor in statistics). But I won’t have enough units left to take C++ so i’m planning to do Quantnet or online courses. I would really appreciate any advice. What is my chance considering that my major is not related but I have statistics minor?

Daniel Duffy

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I would recommend QN C++ for a real solid grounding + some applications in computational finance (disclaimer: I am the originator of this course).

Some numerical methods courses does no harm IMO.