Need Tutorial On Logistic Regression

Hey, folks. I need someone to give me a quick tutorial on interpreting the results of logistic regressions.

I'm an ex-Wall Street guy with an MS in Stat/OR, but even though I've run hundreds of thousands of regressions, my experience is limited to OLS.
We never got to it in logistic regression in my classes at NYU (they has an MS in stat program before they set up their MSCF program). We spent most of our time there examining

I'm a professor at Baruch now, and I need to expand my toolset.

I've run LOGIT models just to see the output, but I never encountered one in the wild. Would someone be willing to FaceTime or Zoom with me to review the Wald est, the various goodness-of-fit tests, deviance, ROC, and the pseudo-R2s that are generated? I'd be very grateful. PM me if you are willing to help.