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Need URL to show intraday historical price action

This question was asked some time ago but the links provided then are no longer good so I'm asking again.

I want to be able to link to either a chart or a raw data page for any symbol/date combination.
For example, if I want to see the intraday price action for AAPL on November 3, 2015, I want a URL I can click such as:

Default title | Domain.com

and then I can see either a chart or the raw price action data. Chart form is preferred.

Can someone share such a URL with me? I've tried the major chart sites and can't find anything like this that shows just one day's historical data. I know I could buy tick databases but I want a link to another website that already outputs the intraday data. I want my code to offer up a link whereby I can simply click the link to see what happened with a ticker on a given historical date. Seems so simple but I can't find any current site offering such a view into a past date.