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new book "Applied Quantitative Finance for Equity Derivatives"

Hi, this is to let you know I have finished my book "Applied Quantitative Finance for Equity Derivatives", on sale at Amazon. It is not a book around esoteric or cutting-edge models, but rather a book on relatively simple and standard models, viewed from the angle of a practitioner. The subjects treated include cash dividends, local volatility, stochastic local volatility, pricing via FDM/MC of popular equity derivatives under various models...
The full table of content is available on my website Applied Quantitative Finance for Equity Derivatives
A new edition of my book Applied Quantitative Finance for Equity Derivatives is now available in hardback format at Applied Quantitative Finance for Equity Derivatives, second edition by Jherek Healy (Hardcover) - Lulu
This edition adds new arbitrage-free implied volatility interpolations, and covers various warrants, such as CBBCs. The text has also been slightly updated. It is also available on Amazon in paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Applied-Quantitative-Finance-Equity-Derivatives/dp/1791546641/