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new GRE scoring (multiple correct answers)

Hello all,
I just can't find any official info about new GRE scoring for questions where you choose "all that apply" answers. I've read that you have to pick ALL of the correct answers to get the point for that question. Is that so?
Yes, that's right. You get to score only if you pick all the correct answers in such questions. There are no points for picking partially correct answer choices.
I thought it would be easier with the new test format, but it turned out to be much harder :(
Looks like people are getting lower scores.
They say the verbal section involves reasoning instead of vocabulary out of context. I'm not buying it. From the looks of the test you still need to know what the words mean. This does not test reasoning skills or higher level thinking, it tests vocabulary, plain and simple. Only now it looks you have a much smaller chance of guessing the right answer since you have to pick 2 of them or fill in 3 blanks. How much of the section is critical reading?
BTW, I just read at another forum that old score Q800 was converted to Q166 (out of 170). :mad:
I also don't understand why 170 isn't the highest Quant score possible in Revised GRE ! A score of 720 in Verbal section old GRE corresponds to 168 according to revised GRE scale.

Check out the sample score report - http://www.ets.org/s/gre/pdf/examinee_score_report.pdf
No, 170 is the highest quant score. The thing is that it corresponds probably to 99% percentile, but old Q800 was only 94%.
I wonder if everyone with Q800 had 94% in their old report which means that they would probably see Q166 in the new reports. I mean it is interesting if ETS reported different percentiles 94-99% altogether with perfect score of Q800?
These percentile ranks are based on the scores of all examinees who tested within the most recent three-year period.

We don't have 3 years of data yet so the percentile is not very accurate at the moment. It may go up and down but I expect over time, people get familiar with the test and 170 would be around 95 percentile or less.

It does not make sense to compare Q800 and Q170 because it's two different tests.
But it looks like getting the full Q170 is much harder now than scoring Q800 used to be. Now the range Q166-170 translates into old Q800.
And that's the intention of the new exam. The old exam has gotten to the point where getting 800Q is very easy. Now I guess programs can rely on GRE again to filter applicants for them :whistle:
So, Andy, you think now Q170 is needed to get to the top MFE programs? :(
I thought it would be easier with the new test format, but it turned out to be much harder :(
Looks like people are getting lower scores.

That's what I've been saying all along. The new format only makes the test harder, and I recommended taking the test before they switched to new format several months ago.