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new here and need help

hey guys..

i am new here and need your help...I have done Instrumrntation Engineering and want to purse a course which has technical and management credits...something like Engineering Management...

can someone guide me as to...
i) what is the minimum qualification required for the course?
ii) how long should be the job experience (if reqd.)?
iii) what is the scope further?
iv) what would be the job profile?
hey andy...
thanks for replying...i have actually heard about a person doing masters in computer engg. program which had 5 management credits..so might as well Rutgers has such kind of courses...or may be some other good university in New Jersey or New York...
I was looking at MBA programs the other day and remember seeing that they had a dual MBA/Masters of Engineering Management, but don't remember where. Might of been UPenn or NYU.

I have no experience with this but I would assume that job experience would be important. Probably at least 2-4 years of technical engineering experience, with promotions and an increase in responsibilities. I'm guessing the idea is for you to get the masters in eng management and then be able to get a job as an eng manager.

I'm sure there are programs you could get into without any job experience but I don't think you will be able to find a managing job without that experience (even with the masters).
what is instrumentation engineering?

also, it sounds like you may want to look into programs such as operations management, industrial engineering, operations engineering, or systems engineering.
i have a work experience of 1.9yrs...i want to pursue my masters and den continue working..but i m really confused with the kind of course i should get in..i am really interested in engg. management or operation research but unaware of their scope further..
i have scored 1060 in my GRE exam in year 2010 (340 verbal and 720 quant) and 94 in TOEFL exam...will these scores be considered or i should give GRE again...also i had scored 1120 (410 verbal 710 quant) in year 2009...should i apply with 2009 score?

Yos Feit

Grad Student
If you wish to move ahead in the US, I recommend that you work on your English verbal and written communication skills otherwise you will never be considered for a management position, even if you had a management degree. Phrases like "unaware of their scope further" in your resume or cover letter will direct them to the trash. Your GRE verbal score is poor and your TOFEL score is mediocre. You might even gain points on your quantitative score if you are having trouble reading the problems.