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Good Morning Dear all QuantNet - NYC Community of Quants-
I have just became a member of QuantNet and I would like to introduce my self.
My name is Robert, I have a Ms. Sc. degree in C.S. from Poly NY :: Polytechnic University :: New York's major educational resource in science and technology
I do research and software developement on Quant - Finance as well in others.
I was enrolled at Poly - FE program and took the cores courses, unfortunately couldn't finished the program.
My current interests are Quant Finance / Image & Signal Processing / Mulltimedia -video-
My programming skills basically include basically C/C++.
My Hobbies: Tennis , Racket, Squash and loving walking in NYC streets.

Kind Regards

let me rank it 7.5 / 10

Is there anything specific about it you liked or disliked? I'm only asking because a lot of people tend to ask questions about this program, but there are few Poly students/alumni, at least that I've seen, that contribute regularly to QuantNet.
NYU and Poly merger

Is the merger of NYU with Poly going to help in increasing Poly's reputation or the quality of program as such ?


MFE Alum
my speculative opinion, one of the programs (probably poly) will cease to exist.

Or, students who get rejected by NYU will be offered admission to Polytech's FE program. As of now, it is more or less open enrollment.
As with any merger, lot of internal politics got involved and things may turn out very different than the merger proposal.

It's widely believed that the merger is an attempt to obtain an engineering school by NYU which essentially an art and science school.
As a result of this merger, NYU will control Poly University, not the other way around.

It's hard to see that NYU will shut down any program from the engineering school in which Poly MFE is based. They may just let two programs compete against each other just like Columbia.

And just like Columbia, students who apply to NYU may just get "recommended" to the FE program if they don't get in. Yuriy pointed this out.

It's hard to predict how these things will work out but don't expect any significant changes to the NYU MF and Poly MFE program in the mean time.

For the next few years, things will just be the same. Nobody will say the Poly MFE program is on the same level of NYU just because NYU bought them.

Or there may be no Poly MFE program in existence to talk about. Alain pointed this out.


MFE Alum
By the way, someone told me a while ago that it was Polytech who bought NYU Engineering School many years ago (at that time it was the other way aroung with NYU < Poly). And now NYU got it back.
The programs will both continue to exist. They have very different objectives. Polytechnic is much less oriented around C++ and NYU does a ton of C++ programming. The idea of Poly's program is to bridge application and theory, and really look at the practical implications.

Polytechnic's Head of the Department, Professor Tapiero, is trying to bring in very interesting people, like Nassim Taleb and Philip Maymen, who approach risk management from very different angles. Nassim Taleb, as most of you probably know, focuses on randomness and model error while Philip Maymen received his PhD from University of Chicago in Behavioral Finance. These Professors apporach risk management in a very different way and thus create a very different expereince.

At the same time, we do offer a stochastic track, the computational track, where we use the same book as Berkley's program uses, to my knowledge, which Professor Tapiero wrote. But, you can still take the electives and enjoy the variety of Professors.

NYU Courant is also strongly rooted in it's niche and it will continue to be a great option for those who seek that sort of experience.
Welcome aboard Robert. You are the second PolyTech MFE I ever knew. It's not suprising to me that not many PolyTech students posts/contribute to QuantNet, since this QuantNet was set up and ran by MFE students in Baruch MFE program (Note, this is just a Bulletin Board among students, not official Baruch MFE website) two years ago----of course with the dedication of our ADMIN Andy and support of members.

Regardless the differences of Core Courses and reputation of MFE/AM or whatever, the most thing to concern currently is the network and placement rate :)

You will find QuantNet a very friendly and recourceful site. Enjoy.