New Quantnet members say hi

thanks andy for taking interest into this. i ahve got into IIT chicago's MSin Financial Markets with a 50% tuition waiver . also io have got into MS in FE offered by NY Polytechnic , with a $7500 scholarship. both these places i think give waivers for good gre scores. with 1420 in gre i think they have given me those bonuses. But baruch admit was really desirable. was ready to take baruch against both these univs. But some things are "just not meant to be " . anyways which of the above 2 programs do u think i shud take. u can give a very frank opinion. or maybe if u r wary of giving veiws in public forums, u can email me at
thanks in advance for all ur help.
hey whos the little kid in ur avatar?
I will just copy and paste the answer I gave Vic.
It's Alex, my nephew. He is super cute and smart. I watch lot of cartoon with him :)
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anyways which of the above 2 programs do u think i shud take. u can give a very frank opinion
As for your admissions, congratulations. Your GRE did you some good.

To be frank, if you really want to get into Baruch, you can wait and apply next year. If you are from abroad, job placement will be your most concerned issue. You should find out how those programs will help you with regarding to job.

If you must attend this year, then it comes down to location and placement. IIT is in Chicago and Poly is in NYC, two of the biggest financial markets in the US. After graduation, you mostly will end up at either one.

I'm not very aware of the placement stat at each program. Not much is known about them. I saw many people applied and got admitted to both of those programs. Do not know where those end up.

You should research each program's websites, find the placement stats, join their students forum, ask questions the same way you do here. I'm sure they will be just willing to help you out with their program info.
Introduction - Mihir

Hi guys,

My name is Mihir and I found this network thru Baruch website. I am very interested in pursuing MFE and I need guidance on how to proceed.

It is a career switch for me and I can take all the courses required to

1. help get admitted to the course &
2. Find a job at junior level so I can get in this field

Educational background - Chartered Accountant ( India ) & Bachelors in Commerce, Mumbai India.

Presently I work as a manager with a Jewelry Mfg Co in midtown, ( Since last 8 yrs ) and before that worked with an Accounting firm in Audits.
It does seem like a lot of work is needed and I am dedicated and willing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It does seem like a lot of work is needed and I am dedicated and willing.

Well I guess if you are willing to put in your hours then you are already started...

I guess one of the places to start would be to attend the info session about the program :-- there is one scheduled on Monday April 16 ( ... It would give you a first hand experience to learn more about the FE in general and MFE at Baruch in particular... You would also get an opportunity to interact with the program director (I am sure you would love him) and possibly some current students....

Another point I would like to add is that the student intake at Baruch is very diverse : we have had students from all different backgrounds -- sciences, law, arts, engineering -- infact an accounting background would be very useful....

And obviously if you have any questions feel free to post them on Quantnet :)
Thanks for the reply, it was very helpful. I have signed up for the info session on May14, cant make it to the one in April.
I have been fairly regular with reading the posts and it is a great place to know about the field. any suggestions, recommendations on GRE prep ?
New Quant Head saying hi!

Hi guys,

I'm a 5 year BSc Physics grad looking to get into the world of quantitative finance. I've spent the past 6 years in engineering, but am looking to change to something I'm truly passionate about.

I plan to take the CQF as soon as possible and from there hopefully add Baruch MFE.

If any of you guys are feeling generous I'm looking for advice on how to break in.

Thanks in advance and appreciate this great resource here.
Sascha, I am curious about why you want to do the CQF and the MFE.

When I was researching my options to further my quant finance knowledge, this was an either/or decision. I eventually picked MFE because of the location (MFE is not distance learning - I am in NYC) and timescale (MFE's longer schedule makes accommodating family and career commitments easier).

Good luck with your plans.
My name is Abdul
I have AS in Computer Engineering and BA in Pure Math.
I'm a Math Teacher in Hoboken High School.I speak four languages.
I applied for MS in Financial Engineering, I'm waiting for an answer.

Greetings, I am Jonathan and I have just recieved notice that I am accepted to the MFE program :banana: . This is a great accomplishment for a puertorican from the Bx and I still do not believe it yet. I hope I can fit in well with the quant team (so I should get more involved with quantnet to start off). Well, my background is EE, I went to Lehman college for 2 years, then went to CCNY to get a bachelors and masters. Then decided to persue an MBA at Baruch but I couldnt deny my quantitative nature and so I applied to MFE and here I am, long story short. I work in software and recently, I think finance rocks. My real weakness would be the fact that I have never worked in finance before. I was thinking about switching jobs to a more finance related area so that I can graduate with relevant experience under my belt. P.S. if anyone is into martial arts (kungfu) let me know. I look forward to this MFE program, lets see where this rabbit hole goes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Jonathan,
Congratulations !!! You should pop that champagne and celebrate with your family. This is a big accomplishment given how hard it's to get in this year. :thumbsup:
You should be proud of yourself. By the way, I'm from the Bronx too and I graduated from Lehman College. Lehman represents :smt006
Looks like I'm no longer taking the 4 uptown by myself. Instead, I will have a bodyguard who knows kungfu (shouldn't that be the other way ?) ;)
My advice is to read everything you can on Quantnet. That will be part of your life the next 2 years.


MFE Alum
Its nice to see that the MFE program is getting better and better (and as a result harder to get into) every day :)
I remember the year 2002 when I was doing QMM and taking Numerical Linear Algebra class :)
Hi guys,

My name is Mohamed and I currently finishing my MS in Applied mathematics from SUNY Stony Brook. The Baruch program seems very well structured and almost offered at a deep discount compared to the CMUs, NYU and Berkleys. For novices like myself who dont have an MFE and who have little exposure to the field(in my case one course stochastic calculus using shreve), this forum helps me know more about the job market, the industry, and other relevant information. For example, the discussion about C++ really opened my eyes since then I have been trying to improve my C++ skills althouth not easy since I am doing it myself. By the way Andy, you are doing a good job with the site everything seems flawless....
My name is Ritesh and I am a new member to this group. I have a low GRE score 510V, 760Q and 4 A. I have completed by BE computers and Masters in Information technology with 3.92GPA and I have 4 years of experience as software developer. I am not sure if I should apply with these scores.
Ritesh :-- I would just like to repeat about what's up on the math department webpage, and what has been said on this forum before (and guess what its true :) )

There are no specified number of seats that we seek to fill ... the application is looked as a complete package which includes not only your GRE scores, but previous education, work experience, recommendation letters, your personal essay outlining your future goals -- weakness in one weak may be (for a lack of a better word) "compensated" by a strong performance in others..

Also admission decisions are made by a selection committee and not many members maybe in a position to comment on your profile... What we can talk about more is about our experiences at Baruch, and can answer doubts that you may have..