New Quantnet members say hi

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself to the community.
Hi James,
:welcome:. Hope to see you often.

Like MichaelK, I'm planning to take the C++ courses at NYU. Then, I'll work on the math prereqs at Hunter. (Can anyone suggest which courses specifically I should sign up for?)
Here are some info that you may find helpful
For Undergrads interested in a career in quant:

To prepare for these careers, the Mathematics Department is offering a new concentration within the mathematics major, the mathematics of finance. This concentration is the best way for undergraduates to get a head start on their careers in quant, as this major "will prepare you above and beyond what the MS program requires for admission" said Dan Stefanica, director of the MS in applied mathematics for finance. The mathematics of finance concentration has a different set of electives than the other mathematics concentrations. Students should take the following five electives:

MTH 4110 Ordinary Differential Equations
MTH 4120 Introduction to Probability
MTH 4125 Stochastic Process
MTH 4135 Methods of Monte Carlo Simulation
MTH 4500 Introduction to Financial Mathematics

A mathematics minor will allow you to take some of these classes, but the major will fully prepare you for the MS program, and ultimately a career in quant.
Read the original article here
Without posting, we will assume you are spammer and delete your account accordingly.
Thanks for threatening, Andy :) Otherwise I would keep silence for another half a year on this forum....
Hi all, my name is Vladimir, and I hope to join MFE program in Fall 2008.
Currently I am an undergrad at Baruch, majoring in Finance and minoring in Math. I had transfered here from Moscow Aviation Institute (say top-10 technical university in Russia), where I had been studying for two years towards my MS in Applied Mathematics and Physics.
It was a tremendous luck for me to meet Prof. Radoicic here, at Baruch. He brought back my interest in math, and helped me to make this discovery - the MFE program! And when I found Quantnet, Andy (thanks Andy!) welcomed me in a "welcome-to-the-family" manner :)
I used to study advanced theoretical math, and I knew how to apply it in physics and computer science, both theoretical too. So actually up till now I had "raw materials" in term of knowledge. Briefly it is 2 semesters of linear algebra, 4 semesters of calculus and advanced calculus with theory (we used to prove lots of theorems, now I need a refresher even to remember them :( ), functional analysis, theory of complex variables functions, 2 semesters of discrete math (including graph theory), ODE, probability... and then 2 semesters of physics, theoretical mechanics... OOP with C++; unix-shell; algorithms... and with transferring to Baruch i became interested in finance - hence the major.
With the discovery of MFE all my interests got assembled as a mosaic. :smt115 It is like math, programming and recent interest in finance now have meaning as three orthogonal vectors to create the R-3 of my future :))))))

This is a great forum with loads of information and very helpful community. The help from members comes in many ways. For example, now I am reading Hull's derivatives book shipped to me from India for $26! Isn't it great? :thumbsup: Thank you guys!
Best regards, I will try to be helpful to Quantnet family.
Andy said:
Without posting, we will assume you are spammer and delete your account accordingly.
Thanks for threatening, Andy :) Otherwise I would keep silence for another half a year on this forum....
:wasntme: I don't know how you found that old quote of mine. It appears to work right ? ;)
Glad that you decide to come out half a year earlier. \\:D/ Since you are Baruch student, come join us every Friday evenings for talks, movies, social events, etc
Hi, this is my first time at this site :) Hope I can visit it often
I hope to see you often here as well :)
Application filed

I completed the application process yesterday, for fall 2007 entry as a part-time student.

Thanks again for all the useful info here.
Hey Vladmir. Funny to see you on this messageboard since I always see you at the gym. I had no idea you were interested in this program as well.

We should get together and talk some math. I'm taking Intro to Probability this semester, what are you taking?
Hey all Baruch Students, I'm going to be in town for an interview with Dan and the Open House this Monday, February 5th. If anyone wants to get lunch or a coffee before about 3pm, I'd be happy to meet you! I'll also be sitting in on a class after the Open House, so I know I'll see some of you there. I'm excited to be in will be my first time.

Hi from Ukraine :tiphat:,
Finally, I have submitted the application to MSF #-o
Now just waiting..

A few words about myself
Graduate in Finance
TOEFL: 108
GRE: V490, Q770, AWA4.0


This web-site is great, and improves exponentially :smt024
Thank you all who contribute


GRE: verbal 650 / Quant 800 / Writing pending
I took it on Tuesday, and will complete the application soon.

hi, all.
I'm Kyung Won Seo. (Kyung Won is my first name :) )
Now, I'm studying at Univ. of Delaware. Upon graduation, I'll receive two bachelor degrees from UD and Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies in South Korea.

Major: Finance
Minor: Math
GPA: 3.92 (Overall ), 4.0 (Finance), around 4.0(Math)

Courses completed: Calculus 1,2,3, ODE, Linear Algebra, Prob. theory and simulation, Advanced calculus with application (calculus of variation, lilear/non-linear dynamics, etc), C++ ; got all A's except Advanced Cal.(A-)

Course next semester: PDE, numerical PDE, data structure.

GRE: will be taken at Jan. 30. Now I'm working on it.:smt024

No direct work experience: 2 yrs in the Korean Army, inturn in marketing team, assistant manager in a start-up restaurant.
Great job =D>
I don't think your writing would be low since you got 650 verbal.
You seem to get everything in order. Send the app in and goodluck :thumbsup:

You'll only have to write code in this program so dont worry about writing (I'm gonna assume you'll do well just like Andy did because of the verbal score)
Thank you, Andy and RussianMike.
Writing was the most difficult part for me.
I hope it will be just as good as verbal.

Now, I can try the quatitative problems Andy posted.\\:D/