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New to the game

I am new to the board so if my question has already been answered could someone please direct me to where I can read the previous thread so there will be no redundancy?

Any who, I am currently a senior finance major a non target university looking to get into mfe, MF, or QF. I have done a self teach C++ and looking to be certified soon, a few CS classes and have taken up to Cal 2.
3.4 GPA 760 GMAT

I am apply to

Claremont Graduate MFE
Baurch College MFE
Columbia Math Fin
NYU Poly

I know my GPA is very low :cry: but my GMAT was pretty good.
Do I have a legimetate shot at these school and also what more can I do to improve my chances I was looking to apply to all by Round 2.
Hoping to be a quant trader, or hedge fund analyst after I finish

Thanks in Advance

Alternatively, use the search functionality (and some initiative) and read some of the many 1,000s of posts that relate to very similar questions.


Cornell FE
Up to Calculus 2? meaning you never took more advanced math courses (e.g. calculus based probability, math statistics, etc.) ? I doubt you can make it into any valuable program with such background... you lack the foundation to succeed in such programs... they are very mathematical and most if not all students have much deeper math knowledge.