New to the Quant Space!

I am a student at Rutgers majoring in Business analytics with a minor in data science. My long term goal Is to get into a top 15 MFE school and then work as a quant or something close in the field. But I had a question regarding the online courses here on QuantNet, my question is how much weight does the certificate of completion hold on resumes for a school application? Another problem I've ran into recently is the material I'm learning in school isn't very application oriented and I wanted to do something that can give me good application experience, so I looked into these courses that I've known about for awhile. With this my second question is, with me being an undergrad and not in a top school would these online courses go over my head? or are they meant to be for people at entry level understanding to build on skills? Just a few questions that popped into my head during my consideration, I hope to hear back from you guys!