Next steps

I’m in 3rd year attending an ivy and majoring in math. I’ve failed to acquire an internship, mainly because I only started realizing I want to do quant (rather than math /research) in the last couple months.

I’ve just begun developing my own personal trading algorithms (with advice I got from an alumni), but I expect they won’t be ‘github worthy’ for a few months. I’ve begun applying to every quant internship position I see still open but I’m not very optimistic considering I have nothing on my resume besides math research (and graduate ML courses). I’m also kinda shit at leetcode- although I’m good at coding machine learning stuff in Jax from projects I’ve done.

I’m unsure what my next steps should be, especially if I don’t get any of the positions I applied to so late in the process. Should I grind the leet and try for SWE so I have something?

I’m not at all confident I could finesse a position post-graduation with with no internship or experience (or maybe I still could with my projects and showing knowedge?). Should I try to get a MS/PhD in Machine Learning, applied math, or something finance, and then going back to quant later? I’m 100% certain I want to be in the quant field, so just wondering best ways to get there with useful skills.

Thanks y’all
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