Quant Headhunter
NNT is like that in like that in real life. He's not a consensus man, he thinks the quality of truth is basically a function of how hard you've tried to kick holes in it.
When arguing with him, the third bottle of wine brought the insight that this was a like one of those exercise you do in martial arts where everyone else in your group runs at you in turn for you to sharpen up your skills, and pinpoint defects in your stance and technique.

You are supposed to be annoyed by his books, if you're not, you don't understand them.

Occasionally we get him to torture entry level candidates we think show exceptional promise, most amusingly the next victim is a straight engineer who although getting through the screen has exactly 17 days reading knowledge of finance. So when I told him that that NNT was having coffee with him on moday, he showed no fear, or even recogniton.
We ought to film this one...