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MIT MFin No More Financial Aid for International


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Hey guys, according to the QuantNet Wiki page

"MIT MFin students who are not domestic students (US citizens or permanent residents) are eligible for MIT Federal Credit Union Custom Loan Program. Through a co-signer is not required, having one will lower the interest rate."

The link is, however, dead. It looks like an bad omen. I searched MIT site and they mentioned nothing about FA for international admits. Can I assume such arrangement is no longer available?

Did past-year international students default too much because they graduated jobless? LOL


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I would appreciate if we could get some conversation about these loans. They seem to be at a reasonable rate, and for me they would be preferable mainly because I don't need a co-signer.

But one of the requirements they put out is:
You must provide proof of credit union membership

What does this mean? If I search for the credit union it seems to be only in selected countries (UK, USA and Canada). Can anyone provide more information on this?


Domestic students are eligible

@gradapplicant You have to sign up for the MIT Federal Credit Union, and then you can apply for the loan.