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No Work Exp - Is getting into CUFE straight out of Columbia undergrad possible for me?

Hey everyone, I understand the CUFE program enrolls like 27 students a year and they prefer guys with financial/tech work experience. Can anyone give me just some hints about my chances of getting into Columbia's FE program straight out of graduation?

Right now I have a 3.54 GPA in comp sci at Columbia undergrad and transferred in a 4.0 from Cornell Engineering (I did get an 'F' but I made it up with the prof)...I've begun taking their masters program courses as well and plan on continuing onto their M.S. program (this can be changed if I get into the FE prog of course!). I'm set to graduate either this May or next February depending on circumstances. I will be taking the GRE this year - not sure what I'll get but I did get an 800/760 on the math/verbal SAT so I'm guessing my GRE will be similar.

My work experience has mostly been quant-related internships and but I did work at a top investment bank's quant group for 6 months with a regular salary while still in school, mostly for certified application development. But it's probably no match for the 25-30 year old applicants with FT experience at bulge brackets.

I'm also halfway through Columbia's undergrad financial engineering concentration in addition to CS but given the course load and the fact that I don't want to take another 3 semesters to graduate, I've dropped out of that program. I've done well in those classes. Should I stay in this program to solidfy my app?

Based on my stats, do I have a chance at all against all the guys with similar stats but who are also 5 years older than me and already worked at hedge funds and the like? Should I focus on more important things like getting in a few years of work experience after graduation before applying?

Obviously you can't tell me my exact chances but any kind of advice would be appreciated! :)
I love the faster pace of a quant's day and the fact that hard work and intelligence are rewarded on a much higher level than the careers in the regular software industry. I've looked at the coursework for Columbia's FE program compared to their MS Comp Sci program and honestly, the FE program's curriculum appeals to me more for some reason. Also, I'm already in love with the campus and NYC and it would be awesome to get my masters here again. :D