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NYC bank looking to hire junior MFE/undegrads with solid C++ and Python skills

Is this the type of quant jobs you are looking for/interested in?

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A bank in NYC who is looking to hire at least 12 strategists (aka quants at some banks) by year end.
Ideal candidates would be financial engineers with strong coding backgrounds – undergrad degrees in computer science / engineering or EE with no more than 5 years of experience.

This client wants smart guys from top schools for their undergrad degrees and rock-solid programming skills in C++ and/or Python.

This was sent over by a member here Todd Fahey who is a quant recruiter. If you meet the profile or know someone who does, feel free to contact him directly below.

Todd Fahey
Executive Director, Global Head of Quantitative Strategies
email | fahey@sheffieldhaworth.com
switchboard | +1 312 283 8355
direct line | +1 312 283 8355
mobile | +1 312 385 0344[prbreak][/prbreak]

Todd Fahey

Quant Recruiter
FYI - there is an additional requirement: you need to be at least 2 years of post-grad work experience. Preference will be given to experienced quantitative strategists / financial engineers who have experience in interest rates.

Todd Fahey

Quant Recruiter
BTW - thanks for posting this to the community, Andy.