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COMPARE NYU Courant vs Columbia MAFN

I received an offer from NYU Courant in February and recently from Columbia MAFN as well. I gravitate toward math-heavy programs. I have coding experience but I don't particularly enjoy coding. I hope to work as a buy-side entry level quant researcher position after graduation. Which program would be a better choice?
The NYU Courant program is definitely math-intensive, maybe more than other programs. I encourage you to choose us. But expect to do a lot of coding both in our program as well as in your quant job afterward.
I would go to Courant if these were my two choices. One could make a solid argument that Courant has the best faculty + curriculum combo out of every program listed here on QuantNet. I have them pretty equal with Columbia MFE, CMU, and Baruch in my personal opinion (what you want out of a career and small preferences will ultimately decide which of these 4 you pick). As I said, if it were me, I would pick Courant and look forward to the data science/machine learning courses from Kolm, Ritter, and Dimov. I'm happy with the decision I made, but I would've been just as content if I decided on NYU as well.

This is not exhaustive, but just some of my thoughts as a future student as well.

Congrats and good luck!
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