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NYU MSMF NYU Math Finance hires new program administrator

Andy Nguyen

Received this announcement from the program.
Michelle Shin has joined the Courant Institute as the new Program Administrator for the Mathematics in Finance program. Prior to coming to NYU, she worked as an Employer Relations Administrator at New York Law School. She has a B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh in Communications. Michelle's office is room 624 in Warren Weaver Hall.

Melissa who has been the program administrator will remain in the Department of Mathematics as Manager of Academic Affairs.

Andy Nguyen

It's an administrative position (dept secretary) which deals with applicants, provides support for current students, organizes talks, seminar, emails students of internship/job openings, alum activities. Basically, keeps the program running smoothly on a daily basis. That's what Melissa has been doing for years, and very well I may say.
NYU does not have a dedicated career person for the Math Fin program, like Columbia MFE did last year. NYU Math Fin uses consultants to provide workshops, career guidance. Wasserman Center is their career service.