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Hey guys, I just have a couple of questions about the MFE program @ NYU - Poly.

I noticed that this program does not even have a prefix for this forum, so I could guess how unpleasant the reputation of the program is... Anyways, I watched several postings here and other places about the program, and most "general" questions are unanswered. From what I observed, I think there is not enough information about the program. However, because I was recently admitted to the program, I wanted to ask you the "routine" questions about the MFE program.

1. Job Placement?? - All I observed is that their class size is approx. 300/cohort and that the dept. does not provide much help for job search. Okay, I understood about that. Then, what I am curious is the following: IS THERE ANY SINGLE PERSON from Poly-MFE who works @ major financial institution in Manhattan with reasonable compensation as MFE grad (I mean "reasonable" is $80,000+). I set this amount based on other "1st tier" MFE's like Baruch, NYU Courant, Columbia, CMU, etc. In other words, I reduced the salary by 25% of what those people from "1st tier" make.

2. International Student?? - this question is somewhat similar to the previous one. IS THERE ANY SINGLE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT from NYU-Poly program who secures the H-1 Sponsorship and works at major financial institution in Manhattan??

3. Consolidation?? - some people say it is going to be 2013 while others say it is going to be 2012. I just want to ask whether anyone knows when Poly will be "fully" consolidated to NYU. In my personal opinion, I don't think the consolidation will negatively affect people from Courant MSMF students because two programs are still very distinct. Thus, consolidation would have no effect for Courant students to success and to make millions of dollars a year, because, once again, I think recruiters are smart enough to distinguish between MFE and MSMF even after consolidation. Rather, people from NYU-poly will be a part of NYU and their degree will be NYU's degree. Those people will still be nowhere near Courant people. Would this be "win-neutral situation" for Poly people and Courant people?

Please answer the above 3 questions... I think comparing this Poly-MFE program to any of "1st tier" program is pointless... Thank you very much for help in advance and hope everyone gets acceptance from his/her 1st choice school.