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Lamer Chrystle

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Hello fellow Quantnet members,
Since I will be joining NYU-Poly MFE for coming Fall, I did some research on program, and it seems like Quantnet is not big fan of this program. Anyways, I made a little Excel graph about enrollment size and graduated number of student using publicly available data.

I hope this helps to help some of applicants for MFE program.

Some facts:
- data is extracted from "http://data.poly.edu/publicAccess.html"
- Based on Fall enrollment due to limited data access (not available for Spring admission)
- Including both part time and full time student

some concerns:
-It seems like new enrollment is decreasing. I do not know if they are trying to reduce class size (it can be temporary trend just for 2012) or decreasing of popularity of this program.

- No tag for "NYU-Poly MFE"? :'(


Lamer Chrystle

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If possible, can you try to fill in the admission gap since 2009. The data was provided directly by the program up to that point.
I wish I can, but I can't get such information at the moment (at least not publicly). Let me see what I can do when I get into the program.

Also, to any current, joining student, or alumni at Poly's MFE program, please send me PM.
I would like to create some sort of communication or information page for this program over Quantnet or Facebook if there are not any.